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Angola Travel Guide

Angola: Travel Guide and Environmental Discovery

Jesse Russell
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Angola. Travel Guide and Environmental Discovery. Vacation Packages. Angola has much to offer to tourists. This is a country where visitors will find truly amazing, one of a kind nature. Picturesque savannahs, tropical forests, magnificent coastline and tender sun make this country a candidate for a perfect resort destination. The country is famous not only for its nature landmarks, but also for numerous interesting towns rich in history. Angola is home to some unique places of interest and its rich heritage simply cannot leave visitors indifferent. The capital of the country, Luanda, is, without a doubt, the main historical center of Angola. The city was founded in the end of the 16th century, when Angola was yet a colonial country. Many architectural landmarks of Luanda are reminiscent of that period in the history of the country. The major part of streets and quarters was built in 16th 18th centuries. If you take a walk on the streets of Luanda, you will surely notice beautiful mosaic that adorns mains streets of the Old City. Fortress of Sao Miguel and the building of the university are considered the most famous buildings of the colonial period. There are also several museums that are mostly dedicated to ethnographic and historical collections. The biggest expositions and most valuable artifacts can be found in the Museum of Angola and the Dundu Museum.