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Australia history

Australia History of indigenes, Aboriginal, Torres

Leo Abbott
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Early life, Art and Culture, Relationship with the White, reconciliation and modern life. About Australia and indigenes: With mounting evidence and stories circulating about their seemingly miraculous ability to find people, Aboriginal trackers' abilities became legendary in the minds of white Australians. To the British people who had arrived in Australia after its establishment as a British colony in 1788, who were unfamiliar with the Australian landscape, these skills were remarkable and seemed almost magical. The first recorded use of Aboriginal trackers in Australia took place in 1834 in Western Australia, near Fremantle, when two trackers, Mogo and Molly dobbin tracked a missing five year old boy for more than ten hours in very rough country. In 1864, the Duff children were lost for nine days in the Victorian Wimmera and the community was hampered in the search by heavy rain. Within a day of 'black trackers' being brought in, the Duff children were found, and amazingly, still alive. The book titled “Australia History, of indigenes, Aboriginal, Torres” is the information source for the full history