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Belarus travel guide

Belarus History, Early History

Henry Albinson
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Ethnic Composition, Language, Religion, Culture, Economy, Government, Politic. Belarus have been under struggle, find out more about this country, and its sovereignty, the entire history of Belarus, the environment, Belarus people, Belarus culture, Belarus government, Belarus politics, Belarus tourism, and business environment, Belarus history book will provide you all the information about this country in every environment. Since the late nineteenth century, national activists have based their attempts to create an independent Belarusian state based on the Belorussian language, which had been kept alive over the centuries mainly by peasants. The stage was set for the emergence of a national consciousness by the industrialization and urbanization of the nineteenth century and by the subsequent publication of literature in the Belorussian language, which was often suppressed by Russian, and later Polish, authorities. It is ironic, then, that the first long-lived Belorussian state entity, the Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic (Belorussian SSR), was created by outside forces--the Bolshevik government in Moscow. And it was those same forces, the communists, whose downfall in 1991 precipitated the existence of an independent Belarus, which has been torn between its desire for independence and a longing for integration with newly independent Russia