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Bosnia and Herzegovina history

Bosnia and Herzegovina History

Leo Abbott
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Early history, Bosnia Conflict, Srebrenica massacre, Government Economy, Culture, Travel and Tourism. Bosnia and Herzegovina Cultural Information and Travel Guide.  Vacation packages Book store. History of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Conflict in Bosnia, Bosnia Government, Bosnia Politics, Bosnia Economy, and much more are the content of this book. When the Romans extended their conquests into the territory of modern Bosnia during the 2nd and 1st century’s bce, the people they encountered there belonged mainly to Illyrian tribes. Most of the area of modern Bosnia was incorporated into the Roman province of Dalmatia. During the 4th and 5th centuries ce, Roman armies suffered heavy defeats in this region at the hands of invading Goths. When the Goths were eventually driven out of the Balkans by the Byzantine emperor Justinian I in the early 6th century, the Bosnian territory became, notionally at least, part of the Byzantine Empire