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Cook Islands Travel Guide

Cook Islands Travel Guide: Vacation and Honeymoon Guide

Jesse Russell
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Cook Islands Travel Guide. Vacation and Honeymoon Guide. Vacation Packages. These tropical islands got their name after Captain Cook, who discovered them in 1770. The Cook Islands become increasingly popular with travelers who seek secluded rest in tropical paradise without busting infrastructure and hordes of vacationers. The islands are divided into Northern Cook Islands and Southern Cook Islands, with the southern ones being more populated and easily accessible. Crystal clean water and fantastic underwater life are among the biggest attractions of the islands, so scuba diving and snorkeling are very popular there. The majority of famous diving sites are located around Rarotonga Island. Here divers can see coral reefs, tropical fish, turtles, eagle rays, hammerheads, eels and reef sharks. Divers of all levels are welcome, and larger centers like ones on Muri Beach offer 3 day diving courses for newbies, after which they become certified divers. Cook Island Christian Church on Rarotonga is one of the most famous architectural landmarks of the islands. The beautiful white-coral building was constructed in 1853. The church is still working and visitors are welcome to attend services. The best way to get acquainted with culture of the Cook Islands is to visit Beachcomber Gallery, which exhibits paintings, jewellery, pearls and other crafts made by local masters. There are workshops behind the building of the gallery, where travelers can buy souvenirs, shell carvings and black-pearl jewellery