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Dakar Travel Guide

Dakar Travel Guide, Senegal: African Tourism

Liam Richards
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Dakar Travel Guide, Senegal. African Tourism. Vacation Packages. Dakar is the capital of Senegal. It is a cosmopolitan city, lively very pleasant to visit. In 1857, the city of Dakar was built by the French on the site of a small fishing village. Then in 1902, it became the capital of the A.O.F in place of Saint-Louis. Each district has its colors, its charm and its animations. The nights in Dakois are very rhythmic. Downtown Dakar is very convenient for tourists, as it can be visited on foot. There are also many taxis called “Ndiaga Ndiate” and buses throughout the capital. The sandy beaches of Dakar are magnificent. In 1659, Louis Caullier founded the city of Saint-Louis in Senegal. At 260 km from Dakar, located on an island at the mouth of the Senegal River, Saint-Louis is a very rich city with a strong colonial past. In 1916, the Saint-Louisians were considered French in their own right. The same was true of people living in Dakar and Gorée, and so on. Saint-Louis is a very touristic city, because of its history, its culture and its beauty. It is classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. There are magnificent beaches, two famous national parks, colonial houses with colorful facades and the famous 500-meter-long Faidherbe bridge linking Saint-Louis and the Sor district. Dakar is a city of extremes, where horse-cart drivers chug over swish highways and gleaming SUVs squeeze through tiny sand roads; where elegant ladies dig skinny heels into dusty walkways and suit-clad businessmen kneel down for prayer in the middle of the street. Once a tiny settlement in the south of the Cap Vert peninsula, Dakar now spreads almost across its entire triangle, and keeps growing. For the traveller, there's much to discover, from peaceful islands just off-shore to vertiginous nightlife dancing to mbalax beats. You can spend your days browsing frenetic markets and taking in the sights of bustling downtown, followed by sunset drinks overlooking the crashing waves. At once both intimidating and deeply alluring, Dakar is a fascinating introduction to Senegal.