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Isle of Man history

Early History of Isle of Man

Evan Adams
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Accession of Stanleys, the Beginning of Isle of Man, Settlement, People and their Early Environment. History and Culture Information and Travel Guide.  Vacation packages Book store. Where is this Isle of Man? Who are the people of Isle of Man? Isle of Man is a country to be discovered by many people, knowing the history of this county from origin, its sovereignty, and government of Isle Man, Politics of Isle of Man, Culture, People and Tradition: Of the earliest known inhabitants of Europe, the race or races to whom the term Paleolithic has been applied, no trace has, as yet, been discovered in the island. Nor, judging from their absence in similar latitudes in the neighboring countries, is it at all probable that men at this stage of culture ever reached our shores. The earliest tokens of man's presence we have are in the shape of chipped flints, usually rather small in size. Full information is found in the Book