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Liberia history

Early history of Liberia

Samuel Ash
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Slave trade environment, Return of Slaves to Africa, Settlement, Emerging a nation of Liberia. History and Culture Information and Travel Guide.  Vacation packages Book store. Early history of Liberia. Return of Slaves. There are but few more interesting spots in Africa than the little corner of the West Coast occupied by the Republic of Liberia. (Liberia information, origin of Liberians, Liberia eBook and Book, History of slave trade) It has been the scene of a series of experiments absolutely unique in history experiments from which we are to derive the knowledge upon which we must rely in the solution of the weighty problems connected with the development of a dark continent, and with the civilization of hundreds of millions of the human race. Many questions have arisen which have not been settled to our complete satisfaction. Is the Negro capable of receiving and maintaining a superimposed civilization? Froude declares that "the worst enemies of the blacks are those who persist in pressing upon them an equality which nature has denied them. They may attain it in time if they are fairly treated, but they can attain it only on condition of going through the discipline and experience of hundreds of years,....