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Fraser Island Travel Guide

Fraser Island Travel and Touris: Vacation, Tour, a Guide

David Mills
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Fraser Island Travel and Tourism. Vacation, Tour, a Guide. Vacation Packages. The local Butchulla people call it K’Gari paradise and for good reason. Sculpted from wind, sand and surf, the striking blue freshwater lakes, crystalline creeks, giant dunes and lush rainforests of this gigantic sandbar form an enigmatic island paradise unlike anywhere else. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world (measuring 120km by 15km), and is the only known place where rainforest grows on sand. Inland, the vegetation varies from dense tropical rainforest and wild heath to wetlands and wallum scrub, with sandblows, mineral streams and freshwater lakes opening onto long sandy beaches. The island, most of which is protected as part of the Great Sandy National Park, is home to a profusion of bird life and wildlife, including the famous dingo, while offshore waters teem with dugong, dolphins, manta rays, sharks and migrating humpback whales