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Gambia travel guide

Gambia Travel and Tourism: Travel guide, touristic information, Locations and sights

Emmanuel Alvin
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History and Culture Information and Travel Guide.  Vacation packages Book store. Gambia Travel and Tourism. The Gambia has been a popular holiday destination since the mid 1960s and enjoys a sub-tropical climate with distinct dry and rainyBijilo Beach Hotel seasons. Most tourists come during the winter months between October to February with a steady tailing off of visitors from March to May. However the cheapest time to go is during the rainy season when many of the most popular beaches are relatively empty however the heat & humidity in August and September can be stifling. Tourism offers many benefits to the catering sector and other tourism related services in the urban areas such as small local tour operators, beach juice sellers and the craft markets. The average tourist stays for about 14 days and spends an average of around US$20 on each of those days. The stock of beds is around 6,000 and much of it leaves a lot to be desired though the efforts have been made to improve the situation. However, there are many descent accommodations along the coastal strip some of which is of a very high standard...