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Geneva Travel Guide

Geneva Tourism, Switzerland: Travel Guide

Liam Richards
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Geneva Tourism, Switzerland. Travel Guide. Vacation Packages. The most famously cosmopolitan city in Switzerland thanks to the presence of the UN, Geneva doesn’t disappoint. First, there’s the prime location slap-bang in the heart of Europe and framed by the snow-capped peaks of the Jura Alps. Then, there’s the magnificent Lake Geneva (Lac Léman to locals) that still provides a hub for city life, as well as the location for the city’s most famous monument, the towering Jet d’Eau. But while Geneva has no shortage of natural wonders, it is also a hub for diplomacy, watch-making and science, the latter thanks to the presence of CERN and its Large Hadron Collider just outside the city. The other two make their presence felt as well, not least in the shape of the Palais des Nations, the UN’s European headquarters, and the flagship stores of Patek Philippe and Piaget in the city centre’s boutique-lined boulevards. Unsurprisingly, all this means Geneva is hardly the cheapest city to visit, with locals more likely to be spotted in Prada than Primark and prices for everything from hotels to eating out requiring a healthy budget. Nevertheless, bargains are there to be had, particularly in the arty Bains and Plainpalais areas, both of which are awash with flea markets and quirky contemporary galleries. Equally worth a visit is Carouge, a suburb founded by Sardinian immigrants and now one of the most popular places in the city once darkness falls. The home of the Red Cross and one of the UN's global headquarters, Geneva is a great place to sample Swiss culture, from dipping toasted bread into a bubbling pot of melted fondue to touring the city's many chocolatiers or shopping for luxury watches at world-famous brands like Patek Philippe. It has a beautiful old city, which was one of the birthplaces of the Protestant Reformation. You can visit the home of philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, walk hand in hand through the Jardin Anglais, or take boat trips on Lake Geneva. And, when the snows come, ski resorts like Chamonix are a short drive away. Whether you are a history fan, a foodie, or an outdoor lover, Geneva is simply a wonderful vacation destination.