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Greenland travel guide

Greenland History and Culture, Tourism and Travel Guide

Leo Abbott
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Government, Politics, Economy, People and Tradition, Locations, Sights, Destinations, Environment, Dressing, Holiday resort information. Greenland History and Culture Information and Travel Guide.  Vacation packages Book store. History of Greenland, this country is not familiar with too many people, although Greenland is a country that serves lots of interest, this book on Greenland provides you the information on the countries environment, government system, Politics, tourism and the people’s culture and tradition. Greenland was probably originally settled by descendants of the present Inuit culture, who identify the island as Kalaalit Nunaat—meaning "land of the people"—in their native language. It received the name Greenland from Norse explorer Eiríkur Rauðe Þorvaldsson (known today as Erik the Red). He sailed from Iceland to the island in 982 C.E. and spent the next three years farming a plot of land along the southern coastline