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Guinea Conakry

Guinea Conakry African Art, Culture, Politics, Economy: Inside-out of Guinea and Africa

Emmanuel Alvin
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Guinea Conakry History and Culture Information and Travel Guide.  Vacation package Book. Guinea Conakry African Art, Culture, Politics, Economy. Guinea has become a stable and open country with the election of the President of the Republic Alpha Condé in 2010. Since then, although the political context has sometimes been marked by lack of dialogue between political actors, the tension has eased significantly. In fact, with the support of the international community, dialogue between political actors eventually progressed on June 3rd. It culminated on July 3rd with the signing of an agreement for the organization of legislative elections on September 28, 2013. For those wishing to accompany the transformation of the country while taking advantage of its enormous potential and resources, it's time to invest in Guinea.