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Guinea History

Guinea -Conakry History and African Liberation Struggle

Emmanuel Alvin
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Sekou Toure and African Leaders, Political diversity. Guinea -Conakry History and African Liberation Struggle. History and Culture Information and Travel Guide.  Vacation package Book. On 28 September 1958, Guinea became the first of France’s imperial possessions to gain its independence without first having had to go to war. This dissertation examines the evolution of this African nation’s independence, and the responses of the international community to the challenges it posed, over a period of about thirteen years comprising the first half of Guinea’s First Republic under President Ahmed Sékou Touré. The interplay of challenge and response illuminate’s themes that continue to dominate the African political agenda more than fifty years later. Independence was not simply a principle or a rhetorical device for the politicians who controlled Guinea’s First Republic. It was also a central component of the national identity and self-image they were constructing for the state and its people..