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Armenia History

History and Culture of Armenia: Touristic Guide

Jesse Russell
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History and Culture of Armenia. Touristic Guide. Vacation Packages. Armenia’s culture is as varied and dynamic as their terrain. Bordering Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean, Armenia has adopted traits from all of these regions while managing to remain quite distinct. Music plays an important role in the culture of Armenia. Classical music is very popular and Armenian musicians are highly accomplished. Travelers can experience a taste of the arts through the renowned performances of the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra who perform at the Yerevan Opera House. Jazz also plays a prominent role with many summer performances taking place in outdoor venues like parks. Examples of Armenian architecture can be seen all over the country in a myriad of religious buildings. The design and detail of Armenian cathedrals and monasteries also provide an indication of the evolution of the design from simple basilicas to niched buttresses. Most visitors to the region express their love mostly of the Armenian people, who are notoriously sociable and hospitable. Don’t expect to leave an Armenian home without a belly full of food and drink or an earful of pleasant and jovial conversation. Having survived centuries of turmoil and suffering, Armenia is one of Asia’s success stories. Notoriously the political playground of several ancient empires, Armenia has managed to shake off its turbulent history to be able to provide tourists a unique and enriching travel experience. Known as the Caucasian Tiger, Armenia has far more to offer than most people realize. Home to some of the world’s most interesting and unique structures, heritage sites and natural beauty, Armenia is a veritable feast for the eyes. With ancient cathedrals, intriguing museums and breathtaking canyons there’s plenty to do here. The country’s mountainous terrain lends itself to an abundance of outdoor activities and from skiing and caving to fishing and trekking, Armenia is becoming the go-to destination for adventure travelers. There are a variety of places to stay for every taste and budget. Whether a luxury hotel or a quaint guesthouse, the major centers like Yerevan will have it. Accommodation in more remote areas is not as varied or upmarket so travelers looking for luxury should probably stick to the urban hubs. The country’s rich culture makes for delicious wining no Armenian meal is complete without a little vodka on the side and dining traditional eats like khorovats (grilled meats) will leave you craving more. The people are like none other and, in spite of the atrocities of the 20th century, display a hospitality and warmth unrivaled in other parts of the neighboring Middle East