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Malaysia history

History and Culture of Malaysia: Government, Politics, Economy, People and Tradition

Leo Abbott
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Malaysia history and culture, also provide you information of travel and tourism, Government, Politics, Education, Language, Art, and much more, traveling to Malaysia for business, holiday resort, or tourism is no big deal with the information provides for your better knowledge.( The full information on Malaysia in found the book provided). Malaysia History and Culture Information and Travel Guide.  Vacation package Book. Malaysia's population comprises twenty-three million people, and throughout its history the territory has been sparsely populated relative to its land area. The government aims for increasing the national population to seventy million by the year 2100. Eighty percent of the population lives on the peninsula. The most important Malaysian demographic statistics are of ethnicity: 60 percent are classified as Malay, 25 percent as of Chinese descent, 10 percent of Indian descent, and 5 percent as others. These population figures have an important place in peninsular history.