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Greece history and culture

History of Ancient Greece

Leo Abbott
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Historic Generation, Hellenistic Period, Ethnic, Religion, governance, Early Politics, Society and Culture. Greece Information and Travel Guide.  Vacation package Book. History of Ancient Greece. Greece eBook, Greek religion, Hellenistic, Greece history and culture, Greece in kindle book. Introduction; Humans entered Greece about 40,000 years ago, during the Middle Paleolithic (Old Stone) Age. These early inhabitants lived mainly by hunting and some gathering of wild plants, using finely crafted tools and weapons of stone, wood, and bone. At the end of the Ice Age, when the glaciers that had covered much of Europe were receding (c. 12,000 BC), the climate of Greece warmed considerably; in the process the landscape and its plants and animals evolved into their present forms. Evidence from a cave at Franchthi in the Peloponnesus shows that the inhabitants at the end of the Ice Age hunted deer and smaller game, caught fish in the coastal waters, and gathered wild cereals, wild peas and beans, and nuts.