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History of Ghana

History of Ghana, and Recolonization Era, Arrival of Europeans

Sampson Jerry
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Government, Economy, People and environment. Slave trade period information. : When Ghana Achieved Independence from colonial domination in 1957, the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to do so, it enjoyed economic and political advantages unrivaled elsewhere in tropical Africa. Ghana History and Cultural Information and Travel Guide.  Vacation package Book. The economy was solidly based on the production and export of cocoa, of which Ghana was the world's leading producer; minerals, particularly gold; and timber. It had a well-developed transportation network, relatively high per capita income, low national debt, and sizable foreign currency reserves. Its education system was relatively advanced, and its people were heirs to a tradition of parliamentary government. Ghana's future looked promising, and it seemed destined to be a leader in Africa. The entire information about Ghana, starting from its early civilization to the present state is contained in this titled “History of Ghana, and Recolonization Era, Arrival of Europeans, Slave trade period information”