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Kurd history

History of Kurdistan and oppression: Turkey, Iraqi, Iran, Syria, Asian Kurds and Europe of the East

Paul Has
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Kurdistan History, and Resistance. Turkey Kurd, Iraqi Kurd, Iran Kurd, Syria Kurd, Kurds in Asia and Eastern Europe. Kurdistan is a well-known circle in Arab world and beyond, but just few are knowledged about its history, the Book written on Kurdistan is a provision to study this Arab circle and their locations. Kurdistan History and Cultural Information and Travel Guide.  Vacation package Book. Kurdistan is not a country, but the map of the Kurdish region includes the geographical region in the Middle East wherein the Kurdish people have historically established a prominent population and unified cultural identity. A People without a Home: The Kurds, an ethnic group numbering around 30 million people, is widely recognized to be the largest stateless national group in the world