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History of Phoenicia

Evan Adams
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The People Origin, The Colonies, Architecture, Political history, Religion, Phoenicia Writing and Language. The history of Phoenicia, Political history, Phoenicia Travel and  vacation package the origin of Phoenicians, People of Phoenicia: Introduction. Phœnicé, or Phœnicia, was the name originally given by the Greeks and afterwards adopted from them by the Romans--to the coast region of the Mediterranean, where it faces the west between the thirty-second and the thirty-sixth parallels. Here, it would seem, in their early voyagings, the Pre-Homeric Greeks first came upon a land where the palm-tree was not only indigenous, but formed a leading and striking characteristic, everywhere along the low sandy shore lifting its tuft of feathery leaves into the bright blue sky, high above the undergrowth of fig, and pomegranate, and alive. Hence they called the tract Phœnicia, or "the Land of Palms;" and the people who inhabited it the Phœnicians, or "the Palm-tree people."