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Sam Marino history

History of San Marino: Finding, Beginning of the nation, Culture and Cultural Policies. Tourism

Paul Has
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History of San Marino, travel and tourism. San Marino, Sam Marino history, San Marino travel guide, San Marino eBook, San Marino facts, San Marino location, San Marino people. Government and Politics. San Marino, small republic situated on the slopes of Mount Titano, on the Adriatic side of central Italy between the Emilia-Romagna and Marche regions and surrounded on all sides by the Republic of Italy. It is the smallest independent state in Europe after Vatican City and Monaco and, until the independence of Nauru (1968), the smallest republic in the world. In the year 257 of the Christian era, at a time when the persecutions against the Christians were becoming more and more harsh, the Roman emperors Diocletian and Maximian decided to rebuild the city of Rimini, which was destroyed by Demosthenes, king of the Liburni people. To this end, they recruited architects, masons and skilled workers from every part of the Empire. Among these, Marino and Leone came to Rimini from Dalmatia and they soon distinguished themselves for their expertise in stone working, as well as for their exceptional moral virtues.