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Saudi Arabia history

History of Saudi Arabia, Pre-Islamic Period, Early Development of Islam, Pilgrimage

Uzo Marvin
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The Saudi Family and Wahhabi Islam, Governance, Economy, Business investment. 

The title, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, uses the word kingdom, which is not an Islamic term. However, given the significance of religion in Saudi Arabia, it is clear that Saudis believe that ultimate authority rests with God (Allah). The Saudi ruler is Allah's secular representative and bases political legitimacy on his religious credentials. Saudi refers to the Al Saud family, the royal house of Saudi Arabia, whose eponym is Saud ibn Muhammad ibn Mughrin. Saud himself was not a significant figure, but his son, Muhammad ibn Saud (literally, Muhammad, the son of Saud), conquered most of the Arabian Peninsula in the early eighteenth century. In almost two centuries since then, Muhammad ibn Saud's family has grown tremendously and, in 1992, the ruling house of Saudi Arabia had more than 4,000 male members, In this book you would have the entire history of Saudi Arabia, royal family, ruling system, economy, people, business investment opportunities and more. History and Culture Information and Travel Guide.  Vacation package Book