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Taiwan history

History of Taiwan

Leo Abbott
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Japanese Occupation, Republic, Taiwan Chinese status, Ancient regime history, Government System, Present Taiwan. Taiwan History and Cultural Information and Travel Guide. Vacation package Book. The origin and Settlement, Taiwan government, Taiwan Politics, Taiwan culture, Taiwan tourism: Introduction: All the aborigines, with the exception of the "flatland aborigines", were gradually squeezed and forced to move towards the mountains, and eventually became the "mountaineers". TheYami tribe that lived on the isolated island of Lanyu are the only aborigines still retaining the lifestyle of an oceanic race. While these "Mountainer" aborigines were called "Takasago" by Japanese during their occupation; the name was changed to "Gao-Shan-Zu" (mountain tribes) by the KMT regime of the Republic of China after the World War II. Be it "Takasago" or "Gao-Shan-Zu", these names were given by the Japanese and Chinese, and are definitely not what the aborigines call themselves. Fundamentally, it is in contempt of the aborigines seeing them as uncivilized savages. Moreover.