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Holy See

Holy See History

Evan Adams
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Vatican State and governance, Relationship to the outside world, Holy see politics under Christianity, Holy See Culture, Life in Vatican. Holy See History. Holy See, in other words “Vatican” is rich in history and tradition, there are things you never know about Holy See, the history of the self-governing own nation is vast and interesting, how came about Holy See? Where is the name from? What are the reality about Holy See governance and leadership, the history of this region is far beyond what you know: The Vatican is a successor to the Papal States, which made up a large area of central Italy. After the unification of Italy, the new state annexed the Papal States after Germany defeated France, which had protected the pope's interests, in the Franco-Prussian War (1870–1871). The popes refused to leave, declaring themselves "Prisoners of the Vatican," until Benito Mussolini signed agreements in 1929 granting the Church special privileges in Italy and a cash settlement. The Vatican was given independence under papal rule. Since that time, the Vatican has been an independent state that sends and receives ambassadors. The full history information about Holy See or “Vatican” is found in this book.