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How to stop a habit

How to stop a habit: Psychological and Physical ideas on how to drop a bad habit

Brian Wood
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Dropping a habit has not been so easy, as nature gives, but it is quite possible to do, we are not born with habits, it is something that we develop as we grow, and at a point of time you discover that this thing doesn’t please you any longer for one reason or the other, either that it costs you money, time, health condition, valueless to you doing it, loathsome, and a lot of other reasons. you have been doing this, and it has become part of you, that you, in most times not being aware that you do it, or when you do it. The process to stop this habit varies depend on individuals, based on Physiological studies, a strategy that a smoker uses to stop smoking might not work for another person, this other person may use a different strategy to stop smoking, this applies to any other habit in human life, this is the reason in this book we have provided you with twenty one different strategies that you will have to choose from base on what work for you, to stop any type of habit that you have built in you, no-matter how long it has been in you. Choose any of the topic and read the information provided for you, and making it to work, demands a courage, determination and policy. Good luck.