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Iceland History

Iceland History, Culture and Tourism

Evan Adams
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Travel Information, Tourism, Environment, People, Government, Politics, Landscapes of Settlement in Northern Iceland. Vacation package. History of Iceland, Culture of Iceland, Tourism in Iceland, important information on Iceland, Iceland government, Politics, Tradition, how came about his country and what  makes it what it is today, who are the leading political figures for the past and presents, touristic environment issues related to security, sights, locations: Near the close of the eighth century C.E., Nordic pirates, traders, and settlers began the expansion from their Scandinavian homelands that gave the Viking Age its name and permanently changed the development and history of Europe. In the North Atlantic, by circa C.E. 800–C.E. 850, settlers colonized the islands of the eastern North Atlantic (Shetland, Orkney, Hebrides, Man, Ireland, and Faroes). Iceland was traditionally settled circa 874, Greenland circa 985, and the short-lived Vinland colony survived for a few years around C.E. 1000 in Newfoundland–Gulf of St. More….