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Inuit History and Culture

Inuit History and Culture, The Eskimos

Samuel Ash
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Early and Modern history, Migration and Settlement, People, Old traditional and Modern tradition, hunting life, Tourism. Inuit History and Culture, the Eskimos. History and culture of Inuit, Inuit Travel Guide, Inuit eBook, Inuit facts. Introduction; The Inuit have come a great distance across the geographic landscape of Canada. Inuit were here long before there even was a Canada. Many people do not realize however that the very identity of Canada itself has been reflected back at itself through the ingenuity and determination of the Inuit spirit. Whether it be something that was an Inuit invention, or the perseverance of certain individuals, or the collective will of the Inuit people, Canadian identity is impacted by Inuit. Below are examples of invention, historical moments and biographies of Inuit who have impacted the very fabric of Canada. “Inuit History and Culture, the Eskimos” Book. Vacation Package