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Kas Travel Guide

Kas Travel Guide, Turkey: Information Tourism

Aaron Ellis
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Kas Travel Guide, Turkey. Information Tourism. Vacation Packages. With its postcard-perfect harbor, Kas is a favored yacht mooring destination in the Antalya Province of Turkey and one of the best places for you to head out onto the sea for some laid-back sightseeing of the many secret coves and islands along the coastline. The town itself is crammed with cute boutiques and lovely cafés, where landlubber tourists can chill out and shop 'til they drop. While the sunken ruins around Kekova and Kaleköy are the top historical attraction, plenty more remnants from the Lycian, Greek, and Roman eras are hidden in the surrounding hilly hinterland if you're looking for more things to do. Plan your sightseeing with our list of the top attractions in Kas