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Kenya History

Kenya Art, Culture and History

Emmanuel Alvin
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Custom and Tradition, Sports, History, Government, Politics Economy. Kenya Art, Culture and History. Kenya continues to occupy a prominent place in the history of humankind. As the home of the ancestry of human race, fossils recovered on the floor and in the sediments of the Rift Valley show that some human species traversed the region as far back as 200 million years ago. Primates were in the region as early as 23 million years ago, apes 18 million, chimpanzees seven million and hominids five million years ago. When the Europeans came to Kenya in the late 1800s, the region did not have any written word. However, the country had documented its past in the rocks that form the hills and mountains; in the strata forming the sides and eroded by water and wind; and in the tools left behind by early humans at their sites of habitation and in fossilized fauna and flora. And as the country celebrates 50 years of independence from colonial rule, it has stamped its mark in the world map and continues to play its rightful role in the comity of nations. Kenya  History and Cultural Information and Travel Guide. Vacation package Book