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Chang Island Travel

Koh Chang Island Travel Guide, Thailand: Asia, Thailand Tourism

Ibrahim Lloyd
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Koh Chang Island Travel Guide. Asia, Thailand Tourism. Vacation Packages. Koh Chang is Thailand's second largest island and the primary destination for those visiting Koh Chang Marine National Park, which includes dozens of unspoiled islands. Located in Trat Province, about 300 kilometers East of Bangkok and not far from the Cambodian border, Koh Chang is 70% covered by unspoiled rainforest and the island's 5000 permanent residents are only gradually becoming more involved in tourism as development has increased in the past decade. Koh Chang is more easily accessible than ever before. Drawn to Koh Chang's pristine beaches and sparkling water, more well-to-do Thai and international travelers have been discovering Koh Chang and numerous luxury spas and resorts have sprung up to cater to them. Nonetheless, the island is still a dream destination for budget travelers and families, with a wide variety of affordable accommodation options and numerous gorgeous and tranquil beaches surrounded by crystal clear water. While the number of tourists has increased, particularly among middle class Thais, Koh Chang is still predominately unspoiled forests and pristine beaches. In addition to natural beauty, the island is also home to a wide range of wildlife, including native birds, snakes and even a number of elephants. As for activities, Koh Chang and the nearby islands that make up the national park are great for snorkeling, diving, camping, jungle hiking and elephant trekking. The majority of tourists stay at White Sand Beach, Kai Mook Beach, Kai Bae Beach, Ta Nam Beach and Bang Bao Bay, all of which are linked by a single road running down the west coast. Access to the island is via Bangkok Airways service to Trat or buses that connect to shuttle service to the ferry docks at Laem Ngop near Trat