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Koh Lipe Island Guide

Koh Lipe Island Travel Guide, Thailand: Tourism Info

Ibrahim Lloyd
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Koh Lipe Island Travel Guide, Thailand. Tourism Info. Vacation Packages. Koh Lipe is a kind of standard Paradise beach vacation in the style of "bounty" in Thailand. Tourists here a little while, the place is not spoiled (although every year it becomes more and more developed and crowded). Therefore, most importantly, why tourists go here relaxing beach vacation. Also on Koh Lipe often going to explore underwater life, diving and snorkeling. Equipment here you can find a rental. Around it are many small Islands that you can go for snorkeling or diving with an organized tour, or to live on one of them "savage" in the tent. Another fun fishing: in the vicinity of the island is inhabited by representatives of almost a quarter of all species of tropical fish in the world. The main promenade there is only one. It is possible to find currency exchange, gift shop, café, post office, pharmacy, travel Agency. But everything here is pretty expensive, and the exchange rate is extremely favorable, so for budget travellers it is best to buy everything you need to change money on the mainland. ATM is not here. Some hotels accept credit cards and offer cash with your credit card for the Board that is obtained is extremely profitable. Change in the exchange office can both dollars and Malaysian ringgit, which is handy if you came from the island of Langkawi. Internet on the island has Wi-Fi in many hotels, and Internet cafes. On the island there are many bars and restaurants located within 200 metres from the sea or directly on the beach. This is the main evening entertainment on the island, the discos and Nightclubs here. No attractions on Koh Lipe, in addition to its beaches, nature and a small Buddhist temple