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Koh Phangan Travel Guide

Koh Phangan Island Travel Guide, Thailand

Ibrahim Lloyd
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Information and Guide, Tourism, Vacation, Honeymoon

Koh Phangan Island Travel Guide, Thailand. Vacation Packages. Information and Guide, Tourism, Vacation, Honeymoon. Koh Phangan has long been "the" favorite destination for backpackers and ravers from all over the world. They still gather on the island all year long to join the different parties that made it famous, like the Full Moon Party happening every month for 20 years on Haad Rin Beach. But the magical spirit of Koh Phangan makes it also perfectly suitable for those travellers looking for tranquil and wilder surroundings in a preserved environment. The island also has heaps of quieter and undeveloped spots that will remind you of Koh Samui as it was 15 years ago. With a pinch of luxury, if you're in the mood, as many new resorts offer for just a few years now, new services like swimming pools, air conditioned rooms and even Spas and health centers, bringing them closer to the hotel standard of Koh Samui. Just like Samui, Koh Phangan has numerous heavenly white sand beaches all along its coastline, some of them reachable only by boat. But it differs from its elder sister with its wide mountainous jungle in the center of the island, a large part of it being actually classified "national park" by Thailand. This preservation of almost half of its surface allows the island to keep its natural and untamed character and, above all, to avoid spoiling its wonderful land-scapes by an excess of buildings. So, whether you like beach or jungle, silence or heavy party sound, Koh Phangan will satisfy you and your soul, and you will easily find out for yourself why this island is perfect for making the vacations of your dreams.