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Kurd history

Kurds History: Politics, People, Language and Religion

Samuel Ash
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Kurds History. Kurds Culture, Kurds eBook, Iran Kurds, Iraq Kurds, Introduction; In 1913, Abdullah Cevdet, a Kurdish-Ottoman intellectual, wrote in a Kurdish gazette, “We are in a period in which the nationalities are being decided and recognized.”Just over a century later, some Kurds still say that their “nationality” has not been recognized.  The vast majority of works on the Kurds over the past century has been consumed with the question of Kurdish “nationality,” whether those works focus on asserting Kurdish “nationality,” on denying or suppressing it, or on exploring the various facets and dynamics of this struggle.  This chapter serves to briefly walk the reader through the contexts and contours of the process through which modern Kurdish identities have been constructed, proclaimed, debated, suppressed, and reasserted in dialogue with parallel processes undergone by the Kurds’ neighbors.  This chapter demonstrates that Kurdish identities, particularly modern Kurdish identities, have been neither static nor uniform throughout the Ottoman period (and beyond), and highlights the role that relational processes of identity construction have played as modern Kurdish identities have been developed “in conversation” with those of their neighbors and with wider historical shifts underway. “Kurds History Book”