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Kuwait Travel Guide

Kuwait Travel Guide: Tourism

Jesse Russell
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Kuwait Travel Guide. Tourism. Vacation Packages. In the past, Kuwait had to undergo tough war times, but nowadays it’s a peaceful country, which billion dollar oil industry allowed performing of a massive restoration and building modern metropolises. Nowadays, the country attracts numerous travelers who come to rest on Failaka Island, discover sights of Kuwait City and enjoy spectacular beach rest. Scuba diving and snorkeling become increasingly popular in Kuwait. In order to make underwater life even more picturesque, many coral reefs are being restored in the country. Even without diving, beautiful white sand beaches are very captivating, so rest in one of numerous resorts of the country will leave many pleasant memories. Kuwait Towers have quickly become a symbol of Kuwait City, the capital of the country. The three towers were finished in 1979. The main tower is 187m high and is open for visitors. There are an observation deck and a restaurant at the height of 123 meters; the tower rotates slowly and makes a full circle in 30 minutes. The other two towers are used to store water for emergency needs and control electricity. Kuwait Towers were damaged severely during the war, but were restored later. Salmiya and Hawalli are considered the main residential and business parts of the city. The Science Center located in Salmiya is a great place to visit for both adults and children. The center is located near the waterfront and a beautiful marina. As-Seef Palace and Bayan Palace are considered the most beautiful palaces in the city. The first palace is one of the residences of the Emir, while the second one is used as the government quarters. There are some attractions outside Kuwait City as well. Jal Az-Zor Nature Reserve, which is located not far away from the capital, is a great place to see migratory birds. Some of the birds like Black Vulture are very rare and nearly impossible to see in other parts of the world. Other famous nature reserves in the country are Sulaibikhat Bay, Dawhat Kazima, Al-Jahra Pools Nature Reserve, Ad-Doha Nature Reserve and Coral Islets. Travellers are also welcome to explore the desert and see wild animals there