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Laos history

Laos History

Henry Albinson
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Early History, Lao People's Democratic Republic, The Society, Population, Urban Society, The Economy, Tourism, Government. Laos History and Cultural Information and Travel Guide. Vacation package Book. Finding out information about Laos is essential, Laos history book, will also provide you about Laos culture and art, Laos early and recent civilization, Laos government and system, Laos tourism. The original inhabitants of Laos were Austroasiatic peoples, who lived by hunting and gathering before the advent of agriculture. Skilled at river navigation using canoes, Laotian traders used routes through the mountains, especially rivers, from earliest times. The most important river route was the Mekong because its many tributaries allowed traders to penetrate deep into the hinterland, where they bought products such as cardamom, gum benzoin, sticklac, and many foods