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Libya Art and Culture

Libya Art and Culture: And Sahara detailed information for tourism

Emmanuel Alvin
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Libya Art and Culture, People of Libya, Tradition and Environment. Libya has a rich history; over the years, it has been invaded by the Romans, Arabs, Turks and Italians. That’s why Libyan culture, similar to other African countries, is a mix of various other cultures. Its origin can be traced back to Berber, African and Turkish cultures. However, it has been able to remain alienated from Western influences, keeping its traditional folk aspect alive. While the big cities are vibrant with exhibitions, concerts and fashion shows, the more remote regions are a colorful blend of traditional customs. The art of painting is much admired in Libya and according to popular estimates, the populace of Libya adores this art to a great extent. Libyan painters are very well acknowledged for their talent.  One distinguished painter is Ali al-Albani, who is very well adept at carving landscapes. Libya History and Cultural Information and Travel Guide. Vacation package Book