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Macedonia history

Macedonia History, Early Age, Middle Age, and Present

Samuel Ash
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People and Environment. Macedonian History, Early Age, Middle Age, and Present. Macedonia travel guide, Macedonia facts, Macedonia Empire. Introduction to the book. It has been estimated that approximately fifty thousand years ago a glacier covered Europe. It is also known that the glacier’s retreat began from the south and advanced northward. It is therefore safe to assume that the Balkans were the first lands in Europe to be thawed and to support life. It is also safe to assume that the first humans to resettle Europe came through the Balkans making it the oldest hospitable place in Europe since the latest ice age. From analyzing cave drawings and rocks in Macedonia, we can deduce that the earliest petroglyphs or “rock art” came into existence about forty thousand years ago. Rock art represents the earliest and most primitive form of written communication. It is my belief that rock art began with the drawing of stick objects depicting simple messages. Over time rock art evolved into sophisticated shapes and patterns depicting more and more complicated messages. Once the artists realized the power of their “written message” there was no stopping them. Over time pictographs evolved into symbols, not only of objects like the Egyptian hieroglyphics but also of sounds which made words. From the evidence discovered, Neolithic Macedonians, if I can call them Macedonians, may have been the inventors of the “phonetic language”. 

Because of the great number of petroglyphs found, scientists are becoming convinced that the first phonetic alphabet may have originated in Macedonia. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of people like Dr. Dusko Aleksovski, the Republic of Macedonia is becoming the leader in petroglyph research. “Macedonian History, Early Age, Middle Age, and Present”.Macedonia History and Cultural Information and Travel Guide. Vacation package Book