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Macedonia Empire

Macedonia Sovereignty, a History

Leo Abbott
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The Early Kingdom, Expansion and Empire; The Slavic Invasions, Land and People. History of Macedonia and Sovereignty, is an information provides in the book titled “Macedonia Sovereignty, a History”, this information tells about the origin of this country and its discovery, the migration of the people and settlement, early history of Macedonia starting from the ages ( the full information of this country is found in the this Book). Macedonia is an ancient land in the central part, the heart, of the Balkan Peninsula. It controls the great north–south corridor route from central Europe to the Mediterranean along the Morava-Vardar valleys. It also possesses fertile agricultural lands in its many river valleys and plains, as well as the great port of Salonika (Thessaloniki). Both its strategic function and its economic value help account for its turbulent history. Vacation package.