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Madagascar Art and Culture: Tourism, Migration, History, Tradition

Emmanuel Alvin
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Madagascar Art and Culture, Tradition, Tourism and Business information, this book provides you the entire information on Madagascar; The people of Madagascar share one culture and language even though the Malagasy people are divided into 18 tribes whose boundaries are based on old kingdoms rather than ethnic characteristics. Most Malagasy are of mixed race, but some, such as the Merina from the Antananarivo area, are predominantly Indonesian in appearance, and others, like the Vezo of the southwest coast, have close ties to eastern Africa and look like black Africans. Music and dance are important aspects of Malagasy lifestyle. Hira Gasy and famudhiana are two of their spectacular ceremonies, which celebrate values like honesty and traditional value. These rhythms are accompanied by the flute, whistle and valiha, an unusual 28-stringed instrument resembling a bassoon but played like a harp. Kabary, the oral tradition is practiced to pass on old fables, legends, songs and stories. Kabary's roots lie in early political assemblies from where it evolved and extended to the general public as a form of entertainment. Kabary is an integral part of hiragasy, which includes music, dancing and storytelling. Hira Gasy is held regularly in Tana on most Sunday afternoons. Madagascar History and Cultural Information and Travel Guide. Vacation package Book