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Madagascar Travel Guide

Madagascar Travel Guide: Africa Tourism

Jesse Russell
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Madagascar Travel Guide. Africa Tourism. Vacation Packages. A beautiful island, Madagascar attracts visitors with its unforgettable nature, dense forests, clean lakes and spectacular waterfalls, many species of rare birds and animals, and shockingly amazing butterflies. From the historic point of view, the city of Mahajanga is the most interesting destination in Madagascar. There are several important landmarks in the old part of the city, such as several buildings of the colonial period, mosques and trading squares. The Rova Fortress, which is located on a hill, is also worth attention of travellers. Long time ago the fortress-palace belonged to the royal family, but now it’s possible to see only several towers and a segment of a protective wall. Madagascar is famous for its magnificent waterfalls, the highest of which is the cascade of the Sakaleona River. The height of this waterfall is 200 metres. Several beautiful waterfalls can be seen in Montagne d'Ambre (Amber Mountain) National Park. However, the Dead Lake remains the biggest attraction of the island. The lake is located among high rocks in the vicinity of Antsirabe. Quite an interesting fact the lake is completely uninhabited despite the fact that its parameters and the temperature of water should perfectly fit the majority of local fish and seaweed. There are many legends connected with the lake. For example, locals say that no one can cross the lake by swimming even though the size of the lake is quite modest 100 x 50 m. Kirindy Forest remains one of the most visited places in Madagascar. Lemurs are the main inhabitants of this forest. The territory of the nature reserve is home to several rare types of baobabs, bushes and flowers. During a walk in the reserve, you will feel how hundreds of tiny eyes are watching you there are really many birds and animals in Kirindy.