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History of Mauritania

Mauritania History, Early History, Sudanese Empires

Uzo Marvin
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Arab Invasions, Government, Economy, People. Contemporary Observers of Mauritania, like the French colonizers of an earlier century, often have described the country as a bridge linking North Africa and West Africa. Certainly individual groups within Mauritania have maintained strong cultural and economic ties with their neighbors--to whom they were often related--in both regions. Yet although the country served as a geographical bridge, crisscrossed by merchants transporting gold, salt, and slaves between the northern and southern edges of the Sahara, it also marked a cultural boundary between sedentary farmers of sub-Saharan Africa and the nomadic Arab-Berber herders from the Maghrib. The entire information on Mauritania from day one of its existence is contained in this book. Mauritania History and Cultural Information and Travel Guide. Vacation package Book