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Mauritius Travel Guide

Mauritius Travel Guide: Holiday Destination

Jesse Russell
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Mauritius Travel Guide. Holiday Destination. Vacation Packages. Besides beautiful nature, the island of Mauritius attracts guests with its fascinating architectural landmarks and great choice of entertainment to fit any taste. Several important landmarks are located in the capital of the island, the city of Port Louis. There is a beautiful building of Government House, and one of local medieval houses has been turned into the Museum of Natural History. Racing has become a very popular entertainment on weekends. The event traditionally takes place on Champ de Mars. The suburbs of the capital are the location of a popular place Domaine Les Pailles, where visitors will enjoy many interesting excursions. Tourists are offered to make a ride on jeeps in the piedmont region, explore local nature in a miniature train and have a dinner in one of cosy local restaurants with spacious terraces. The local botanic garden is also worth visiting as many trees that grow there are several centuries old. You will also find huge water lilies and other exotic plants in the garden. Among the main architecture landmarks of the area it’s simply impossible to fail to mention Eureka Colonial House & Port, which is surrounded by a beautiful park. Don’t forget to visit Mahebourg as there are buildings that date back to the 16th century in this small town. Moreover, there are several large nature parks near the town, the biggest ones being Domaine du Shasseur and Grand Bassin. During an excursion in these parks one will see many interesting animals wild boars, deer, monkeys and more than a hundred species of birds. The village of Chamarel has become a true diamond for geologists as the soil near the village is coloured in the most unusual colours. Tourists will also enjoy Rochester Waterfalls and Gris Gris Beach