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Molokai Travel Guide

Molokai Island, Hawaii U.S.A: Travel, Touristic Information

Bobby Chapman
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Molokai Island, Hawaii U.S.A. Travel, Touristic Information. For travelers who have dreamed of a Hawaii vacation a real authentic holiday in paradise there is no other island like Molokai. This tiny little island is a mere 38 by 10 miles in size and has a population of only around 7,300 islanders. It is most known for the national historic park Kalaupapa, where in the 19th and 20th centuries people with leprosy were ordered to live by the local government and where Father Damien committed his life’s work to helping them. Do you dream of experiencing unbridled nature, getting into the aloha spirit, and learning all about authentic Hawaiian culture? Then the island of Molokai is perfect for you! Nicknamed ‘The Friendly Isle”, Molokai, Hawaii’s fifth largest island, is home to the longest fringing reef in all of the United States and is the birthplace of the hula dance. Off the beaten trail as far as expansive tourism infrastructure goes, Molokai stays true to its cultural roots with a high percentage of its population being of Native Hawaiian ancestry. The local’s love of their land and culture, and their willingness to share this love with visitors, makes it an excellent stop on your Hawaiian vacation! After spending some time on this beautiful island, we’ve put together this guide that covers the best time to visit, where to stay, things to do and more