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Mongolia Travel Guide

Mongolia Travel Guide: Touristic Guide

Jesse Russell
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Mongolia Travel Guide. Touristic Guide. Vacation Packages. Wonderful nature remains the biggest attraction of this beautiful Asian country horizon-less desserts, green steeps, emerald lakes and picturesque piedmont regions. Every year this beautiful country attracts numerous fans of eco-tourism. The great way to start your exploration of the local culture is to visit the capital of Mongolia, the city of Ulaanbaatar. Your excursion program should definitely include a visit to the ancient Monastery of Gandan (Gandantegchinlen). The monastery is home to a priceless relic one of the tallest statues of Buddha in the world. The height of the Statue is 28 meters; covered with a thin layer of gold, the statue is added to the list of most important religious artefacts in the world. An excursion to the Museum of Natural History will be no less interesting. In this museum one can see skeletons of dinosaurs and other interesting archaeological findings. The grand Desert of Gobi occupies more than a half of the country's territory. The southern part of the desert is traditionally the most famous among tourists. This is where several important archaeological zones are located. Tourists are welcome to stay in a yurt and feel the local lifestyle. However, skeletons of dinosaurs remain the main treasure that is hidden in the sands of Gobi. The first skeleton was discovered yet in 1922 by archaeologists from the United States. Currently, all findings of scientists can be seen in the museum of Ulaanbaatar.