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Montenegro travel

Montenegro Travel and Tourism

Samuel Ash
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History, Culture, Sights and Locations, Travel information vacation package. Montenegro travel guide, Montenegro history, Montenegro independence, Montenegro Book, Montenegro Kindle book, Montenegro travel, Montenegro tourism Introduction to the book; On such a small space, in a country full of contrasts, you will be fascinated by a diversity of culture. Rich cultural heritage is made of remains of different cultures, since Montenegro was on a crossroads of two great civilizations Eastern and Western, on which territory have existed and still exist 3 big religions: Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim. The richness of cultural heritage is seen through cultural and historical monuments, remains of large and important objects, preserved customs and religion. The sea, the lakes, the canyons or the mountains enable everyone to decide on the best way to enjoy a quality vacation. In one day, the curious traveler can have a coffee on one of the numerous beaches of the Budva Riviera, eat lunch with the song of the birds on Skardar Lake and dine next to a fireplace on the slopes of the Durmitor Mountain. These are all characteristics of Montenegro as a tourist destination that has a lot to offer