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Moreton Island Travel guide

Moreton Island Tourism, Queensland Australia: Great Barrier Reef, Travel and Tour

David Mills
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Moreton Island Tourism, Queensland Australia. Great Barrier Reef, Travel and Tour. If you’re not going further north in Queensland than Brisbane but want a fix of tropical bliss, sail over to Moreton Island. Its prelapsarian beaches, dunes, bushland and lagoons are protected, with 95% of the isle comprising the Moreton Island National Park & Recreation Area. Apart from a few rocky headlands, it’s all sand, with Mt Tempest, the highest coastal sand hill in the world, towering high at a lofty 280m. Off the west coast are the rusty, hulking Tangalooma Wrecks, which provide excellent snorkelling and diving. The island has a rich history, from early Aboriginal settlements to the site of Queensland’s first and only whaling station at Tangalooma, which operated between 1952 and 1962. There are four small settlements, all on the west coast: Tangalooma (home to the island's only resort), Bulwer near the northwestern tip, Cowan Cowan between Bulwer and Tangalooma, and Kooringal near the southern tip