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Namibia History

Namibia in General

Emmanuel Alvin
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Perspectives, Environment, Governance, Economy, People, Culture, Ethnic understanding. Namibia in General. Facts on Namibia.  I am probably one of the few people embracing the recent decisions taken by Government, whilst others feel it is the highest order of crap. I am of the opinion that seen in hindsight, a bunch of you people criticizing the decisions by Government lately will have to swallow your pride as you sit down to reassess yourself. We enjoy complaining a lot, and we never have better ideas which may possibly solve the problem at hand. Criticism is good, but is it uplifting criticism? When Finance Minister Calle Schlettwein tabled the budget for the very first time, we were all aware that it’s a pro-poor budget. Government has introduced a raft of policies and interventions as part of its agenda to eradicate poverty by 2025, and it is in line with the envisaged Vision 2030, whereby we see ourselves as an industrialised country by then. Namibia History and Cultural Information and Travel Guide. Vacation package Book.