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Negril Travel Guide

Negril Travel Guide, Jamaica, Caribbean: Tourism

Ezra Hunt
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Negril Travel Guide, Jamaica, Caribbean. Tourism. Vacation Packages. Negril is often considered to be a country of its own. Its position at the far west corner of the island and the fact that there are often more tourists than locals in the town lends itself to this thinking. Negril in many ways though is typically Jamaican. It's picturesque Seven-Mile Beach and its high cliffs make Negril one of the most, if not the most, fascinating landscapes in Jamaica. NEGRIL is a world apart. The pristine beauty that brought it fame is only a memory, but the magic persists. Like a gaudy shell necklace, a conglomeration of tourist facilities fringes the coast for 15 miles from BLOODY BAY to the Lighthouse and continues to grow at both ends. The famous seven mile beach is now choc-a-bloc with hotels, restaurants, cottages and water sports. The once deserted Norman Manley Boulevard is a speedtrack for buses, vans, motorbikes and taxis. Across the bridge, shopping plazas have proliferated. Even theWEST END, (alias The Rock) where ironshore cliffs plunge to turquoise seas and reggae throbs all night is overbuilt and congested. But, incredibly, the magic persists. Realists say that Negril is a state of mind, cynics say it's the marijuana.