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Holland travel guide

Netherland Travel, Tourism and History

Paul Has
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Travel to Holland, Tourism in Netherland. Netherland Travel, Tourism, and History. Netherland, Netherland history, Holland travel guide, Netherland eBook, Netherland interesting facts, Holland tourism, history and culture of Netherland. The Netherlands is an exceedingly user-friendly place to visit. Up-to-date information is plentiful, almost every Dutch person speaks decent English, transport links are swift, and there’s an abundance of sights and activities. All this means you can add a fair amount of spontaneity to your trip. The territory that became the Netherlands has been inhabited since prehistoric times; hunebedden stone structures used as burial mounds are clear evidence of this. The first invaders to take note of the locals were the Romans, who, under Julius Caesar, conquered a wide region along the Rijn Rhine and its tributaries by 59 BC. Fiercely independent by nature, Celtic and Germanic tribes initially bowed to Caesar’s rule. Over the next four centuries the Romans built advanced towns, farms and the straight roads that still shape the landscape today. Utrecht became a main outpost of the empire. Vacation Package Book