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history of Niue

Niue History and Culture

Leo Abbott
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Who are Niue People, Their origin, Settlement, Governance, Politics, Environment, Travel and Tourism. History and Culture of Niue, has the information that serves the need for history, education travel and tourism, providing you with the information on Government on Niue, Origin of Niue people, settlement and pattern: For many Pacific Islanders, migration is a positive opportunity for individuals to obtain higher standards of living and material possessions not available in their homelands. Pacific states, like many small countries, have come to depend increasingly upon larger metropolitan states such as New Zealand. However, this chapter shows that the consequences of individual migration decisions invariably impact upon the state of Niue, a small Pacific Island state known by its people as ‘the rock of Polynesia’. Niue is one of the most extreme cases of depopulation in the Pacific region. Niue History and Cultural Information and Travel Guide. Vacation package Book